My Glitter Card Stock Minimalist Approach

A Brand New Day

Hi everyone!

True confession:  I used to really struggle with glitter card stock.  I love the sparkle so much that I’d go overboard and end up with a card that has layer upon layer of glitter and…well… a gaudy mess.  Does this ever happen to you?  

So today I’m sharing what I call a “minimalist” approach to using glitter card stock.  This approach involves finding ways to tuck the glitter into a card design in a way that enhances, but doesn’t overtake, the design. 

Here are ways to make it work:

  • Option 1: Repeating Elements.  Find one or two elements in your card that repeat and use glitter card stock on a few of them, but not all.  Mixing the glitter die cut elements with non-glitter die cut elements helps to make the entire piece shine without overwhelming the card.  On my card, I used this approach for the clouds and the grass.
  • Option 2: Use it only on elements that shine in real life.  For example, the sun, the moon, a glass or vase, water, snow, etc.  Anything that shines and shimmers in real life are great options for glitter cardstock.  On my card, I used this approach for the sun.
  • Option 3: Use it as one or two components of a die cut.  By dissecting an image into glittery and non-glittery elements you make the entire die cut stand out.  On my card, I used this approach for the umbrella.
  • Option 4:  I didn’t use this approach on my card, but I wanted to share it anyway – and that is to use the glitter cardstock behind the entire scene. On my card, I ink-blended the background because I already had enough glitter with the other elements, but if I had chosen to, I could have easily left all my elements with regular cardstock and just used a piece of white or pale blue glitter cardstock as my background.

These approaches had rekindled my love for glitter card stock and have helped me remain true to my generally clean and simple style. I’m hoping you found a few gold nuggets of information in this post and that it helps you find ways to incorporate glitter cardstock into your card designs.

I hope you have a wonderfully creative day!



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  1. Karen Walker

    Your design is just delightful, and your minimalist approach certainly works with this card! I’m with you on the overuse of glitter cardstock. I recently completed a couple of cards for a class, and despite knowing what you’ve outlined here, I followed the pack. Now I’m trying to figure how who to send the cards to-definitely not my CAS preferred style.

  2. Lori Spitzer

    Super gorgeous! Love it!! The CAS element is awesome.
    Lori S in PA

  3. Denise Bryant

    Sweet card! Love the scene you created!


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