AECP: Level 2 – Creative Watercolor Media


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Today’s card is my assignment for the Altenew Educator Certification Program (AECP) class called “Creative Watercolor Media”. This class taught many great options for watercolor mediums as well as different techniques for water coloring. I chose to focus my project on the wet-on-wet technique using my Altenew dye inks as paint.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how the wet-on-wet technique was able to give me some great color variation and allowed me to mix colors in a more natural way that would have been much more difficult to achieve if I had done them purposefully.


1. Heat emboss your floral images in white on watercolor cardstock.

2. Smoosh your inks onto a nonporous surface – I used my glass craft mat. Add a bit of water to each smooshed color.

3. Using a watercolor brush pen, wet the petals of one of the flowers with clean water. Then, pick up a bit of the smooshed ink and lightly touch it to the wet petal. The color should immediately “bleed” or “flow” but should stay within the perimeter of the heat embossed flower. You can add more color or additional colors until you feel like you have the right look. If the color doesn’t bleed you do not have enough water on the petal. If there is too much water, you can gently touch the puddle with a paper towel and it will soak it up.

4. You can continue to the next flower or leaf area until you have all the areas painted.
5. Die cut the brick layer dies into a light green panel that is smaller than the card front and fits into the upper right corner of the card.

6. Adhere the green panel to your card front.

7. Once your painted flowers are completely dry you can cut them out using the coordinating die or fussy-cut them like I did.

8. Arrange your flowers and adhere them to the card front partially over the green panel.

9. Heat emboss your sentiment on a strip of light green cardstock using white embossing powder. Layer on a piece of vellum and adhere to your card front using foam tape.

10. Add a few sequins for a bit of sparkle!

I encourage you to play with your watercolor paints to see what kind of looks you can get! The wet-on-wet technique is very forgiving – and it’s super easy! Just wet the cardstock, drop in some color, and watch the magic unfold!

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  1. Erum Tasneem

    SO STUNNING!!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work to the AECP assignment gallery.

    • Jean

      Thank you, Erum💕


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