Mother’s Day 2021


Happy Mother’s Day!

If you’re a mom (of humans or fur babies), I hope you have the most amazing Mother’s Day! And if you’re not a mother yourself, I’m sure you know a few great moms who’ll be celebrating the holiday! Be sure to give them some extra love!

My card today is going to my mom. She’s not on social media so there’s no risk she’ll see it before I can give it to her in person. 😊


1. Use low tack tape to tape a slimline panel onto your work surface and then tape the stencil over the panel.

2. You’ll want to work in small sections and mask off the adjacent openings so that you can keep your ink colors contained. Fair warning: this panel requires a LOT of masking!

3. Use your blender brushes to apply the ink to each section, making sure that all the sections get colored in. The small/detailed blenders work great on this stencil and will allow you to get shadings within each opening if you want.

4. Once all the sections are colored, remove the stencil.

5. Smoosh one of your colored ink pads (I used Suede Shoes) onto an acrylic block or non-porous surface, add a bit of water, and use a watercolor brush to splatter the panel.

6. Trim the panel to the desired size.

7. Die cut your sentiment 3 times out of black card stock. Trim the flowers off of each of the die cuts so you are left with just the words, then use liquid glue to stack them on top of each other.

8. Cut a piece of vellum large enough for the sentiment to fit on top and fold around the sides of the card panel.

9. Use liquid glue to adhere your sentiment to the vellum strip.

10. Apply liquid glue behind the vellum where the sentiment is – do not apply it to the rest of the vellum or you’ll see the glue when you adhere it. Adhere the vellum strip to the front of the panel.

11. Wrap the edges of the vellum around to the back of the panel and tape them on the back side.

12. Add foam adhesive to the back of the panel and adhere it to the card front.

13. You can put any sentiment you like on the inside of your card. I opted to layer mine on the inside but you can stamp it directly on the inside panel.

My mom has had a crazy life with some incredible highs and some horrible lows but despite it all, she’s remained her usual, steady, self.

I wanted this card to be bright and cheery and a little humorous (as you can see by the inside sentiment in the picture to the right). I hope it brightens her day and makes her laugh!

My mom would love any card I made her (or purchased for her) but like most of you, I put a lot of thought and care into making cards for people I love. This card is no exception. I hope she feels what I’m sending 😊.

All the best,



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