Waffle Flower Sneak Peek – 2024 Kit #02

You Sweeten My Day

Hey everyone!

I grew up in the country where wild strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries were nature’s way of saying “here, have a snack!”.  We picked and ate until our fingers and lips were stained, our tummies hurt, and we had ruined all hope of eating a decent dinner – but every night we made plans to go back out and find more.   

Unlike our neighbors, we didn’t pick berries to make jam or cobbler – my brothers and I picked them and ate them right there in the middle of the woods.  I still think those were the sweetest berries I’ve ever had.

And all those wonderful memories about berries brings me to my card today:  a sweet bowl of ripe strawberries that look good enough to eat!  This card features all the items from Waffle Flower’s Sneak Peak Kit #02: a stencil with a coordinating die, a large die set, patterned paper, and Waffle Flowers fabulous sub-sentiments! There’s really so much fun in these kits!  

Of course, it’s also time for the March Waffle Flower Inspiration Hop!  This month’s inspiration hop –feature products from Sneak Peek Kit #02!  You’ll definitely want to follow along on the hop to see what the other designers have made! 

Just like last month, Waffle Flower is generously providing a GIVEAWAY* to one of my blog readers (that would be YOU) if you comment on this blog post by February 29th.  The GIVEAWAY* is Kit #02 – the same kit I used to make my card for today!  Winners are picked at random and will be announced on Waffle Flower Inspiration Hop page! *the GIVEAWAY can only be shipped to the US.

To make this card:

  1. Use the layering stencil included in the kit to ink blend your strawberries.
  2. Use the coordinating die (also included in the kit) to die cut them.
  3. Gently brush each strawberry with Wink of Stella to give it a little bit of shine.  Set them aside to dry.
  4. Die cut the 2 pieces for the bowl using the dies that are included in the kit.
  5. Ink-blend the outside of the bowl blue.  
  6. Glue the outside of the bowl to the white inside being careful NOT to put glue along the top edge so that you can tuck your strawberries into the bowl.
  7. Tuck your strawberries into the bowl and adhere them with liquid glue.  Keep at least one strawberry separate to use as an embellishment at the end.
  8. Die cut a hexagon frame (or any shape you like) several times out of white card stock but do not glue them together yet.
  9. Use liquid glue to adhere one layer of the frame over a piece of patterned paper from the kit and trim the patterned paper so it doesn’t show around the outside.
  10. Use liquid glue to adhere your bowl of strawberries to the pattered paper.
  11. Use liquid glue to adhere the entire hexagon with the strawberries to your card base.  I made mine go off the edge of the card just for a bit of interest but you could certainly leave the whole shape in tact on your card front.
  12. Use liquid glue to begin adding the other layers of the frame  to the hexagon.  If you went off the edge of the card like I did, you’ll want to use a scissors and trim each layer as you go.
  13. Add a Subsentiment (from the kit) and your extra strawberry to the card.  I used foam adhesive to help stabilize them where they went over the hexagon frame.
  14. Add a few gems for even more shine!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today!  I can’t wait to see what you make with this kit (and any of the others)!

And don’t forget to to head over to the Waffle Flower Inspiration Hop and check out what other designers have made using this kit.  Pssst: you’ll have more chances to win the GIVEAWAY if you visit and comment on their blogs too!

Have a wonderfully creative day!



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  1. Bonnie

    I’m late to the party but just wanted to say that these strawberries look like they could be picked off the card and eaten! Love the layout too!

  2. Jade

    Your strawberries are wonderful! They look delicious. My dad was a huge strawberry fan. He loved the, like I do.

  3. Bo Gilmore

    Hi Jean. I love your story of growing up eating berries outside. I have a blueberry garden and most never make it into the kitchen:-) If some manage to stay in my bucket they are served to friends with delicious homemade whipping cream. Yummy. I love your card. The plaid makes me think of a country tablecloth and your berries are color blended beautifully. The Wink of Stella is the perfect touch. Now I want some.

  4. Valree

    Clean, simple and lovely! The berries look so realistic. I enjoyed reading about your childhood memories 😍

  5. Jeanne Rice

    The strawberries look delicious! Wonderful card.

  6. Jennifer T.

    Love your card—the plaid background with the strawberries and hexagon frame.

  7. Dee Earnshaw

    I love the design of your card – very inspiring

  8. Karen M.

    Sweet card love the strawberries!!!

  9. Rosemary D

    Your card is so berry sweet!

  10. Karen Walker

    Love the card–your design is wonderful! Looks like another great kit~

  11. Virginia

    Love the card! It’s always nice to see a unique framing used, it really highlights the artwork. Thank you for sharing with us.

  12. Jeanne Beam

    Gorgeous card! Love the design. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Pia Romano

    Love the card and your story! We would pick blueberries and eat them right away!

  14. Meghan Kennihan

    I love the design and how you framed the fruit with the hexagon! Gorgeous!

  15. LaChelle Unger

    Love this card! The frame makes the bowl of strawberries look like they are sitting in the window. 🥰

  16. Denise Bryant

    Love your pretty card! Yummy looking bowl of strawberries, and the hex frame with the patterned paper background shows them off beautifully!

  17. Susan Lang

    What a fabulous layout! The hexagon is a perfect setting!

  18. Carrianne Banul

    This kit is amazingly sweet as is your card! Love the white space behind the gorgeous colors. Design is beautiful! I wouldn’t have waited to eat those freshly picked fruit either LOL Yum! Thanks for sharing your little story and your beautiful card!

  19. Kelley

    Super cute card, I especially love the frame aspect.

    • Cherri Simon

      Love the pink plaid combined with the strawberries!


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